Terms and Conditions
The Boutique and Luxury guide and directory is produced and maintained by Ofion – Ninoslav Jovanovic.
The appearance of your company’s (Member) products on the Boutique Hotels and Boutique and Luxury accommodation (https//boutiqueandluxury.com & https://boutiquehotels.com.mt) website(s) constitutes your agreement to the following terms and conditions of membership to Ofion directory. Please read carefully.
Overview of members’ responsibilities
As a business, our reputation is of paramount importance so we require all members of the Boutique and Luxury sites to adhere to our terms and conditions ie:
• Ensuring accuracy of information shown on your pages of our website
• Responding swiftly to enquiries made to you through our website
• We aim to maintain a constant dialogue with our Members and resolve any issues promptly. If any Member is not fulfilling their obligations then this may result in their pages being removed from the site until any problems are rectified.
• To provide a discount / exclusive benefit to visitors of ours website.
• If your application is unsuccessful you will be provided with feedback on how to improve your operations and given the opportunity to reapply within one month.
Ensuring the information on your pages is accurate
It is the responsibility of all members to check that the details on their pages are accurate and up to date throughout the period of their membership.
• As part of your Membership you have developed and committed to a responsible hospitality policy. We encourage feedback from all our Members, to ensure that those high standards are maintained.
• In the event of a complaint made to us, we commit to discussing the issues raised fully with the Member concerned to determine whether the complaint was justified and to determine if the policies to which each member has committed are being adhered to.
• Members agree that if product quality and adherence to common tourism industry policies are not maintained, then we reserve the right to remove that member’s pages or particular page from the site and in this event members will forfeit their annual membership.
• Members will need to reapply each year.
1. Members accept all responsibility and liability for their holidays, accommodations, offers and for their customers and agree that BoutiqueandLuxury.com (Ofion) has no liability.
2. Boutiqueandluxury.com (Ofion) accepts no liability for any activity or behaviour of any persons who have made an enquiry through the site or for any behaviour or activity of persons booking and staying with members.
3. We accept no liability for any of the information supplied to us by Members for publishing on the site(s).
Images and Photography Usage
• Members are asked to provide photographic images for use in promoting their product. It is the members’ responsibility to ensure that the images they provide are an accurate representation of their product and that they have all relevant licenses in place for the reproduction of such.
Membership Fee
• Joining as a Member and paying the annual membership fee does not constitute the right to appear in the any other publication by BoutiqueandLuxury.com or Ofion, apart from this website. Some Membership provides access to our website and a free listing in the site ONLY if the organisation/entity completes an application form and is assessed suitable to be listed. The Membership fee is separate to the listing.
• Members accept that ultimately BoutiqueandLuxury.com has to be the judge of what does (and what doesn’t) correspond to our definition of hospitality and tourism listing. BoutiqueandLuxury.com will encourage feedback from visitors and talking to local partners too.
• Members accept that if their application is unsuccessful they will be provided with feedback on how to improve their operations and given the opportunity to reapply.
• If successful you will be listed for one year and we ask that you continually review your entry to ensure it is up to date. If we are happy that Members still meet our criteria and there has been no substantive negative feedback it will auto renew at the same time as your Membership.
• If we feel that the Member listing has been misrepresented or no longer meets our criteria the renewal will be cancelled and the listing removed on the anniversary of joining.
• Members have the option of cancelling their subscription at any time; however no refunds will be given on pro rata Membership.
• We have no specific funding for the online resource and whilst the guide meets our objectives we feel that fee from members should be spent on our campaigning and research work.
Contacting Members
The membership system on our website allows BoutiqueandLuxury.com to contact other Members directly via the website. This allows any tour operates who are offering a discount to BoutiqueandLuxury.com Members to be sure that they are members. Equally it is possible for any Member to search the Membership directory to find an individual member.
• It is strict requirement of your Membership that you do not use this facility to contact Members in order to sell, promote or ‘cold call’ Members.
• Any Member who abuses this facility will have their Membership cancelled with immediate effect and no refunds will be made.